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BETRNet: Barrett's Esophagus Translational Research Network


A key goal of the BETRNet is to create a catalog of Barrett’s esophagus (BE) and esophageal adenocarcinoma (EAC) bio-specimens available for research purposes. The BETRNet patient registry with virtual biorepository (PR-VB) provides this catalog.

All BETRNet research centers contribute to the PR-VB. Clinical, demographic, and pathologic annotation data are submitted routinely, to catalog BE and EAC specimens available for sharing across the network. Specimen-sharing is achieved via the PR-VB portal, which allows investigators to search for specimens of interest and submit a specimen request proposal for review. If the request is approved, the PR-VB generates distribution requests to the relevant centers, and allows for tracking of specimen shipping, receipt, and usage.

To peruse the specimen collections:

To participate in BETRNet specimen-sharing, an investigator must be a BETRNet member, or enter into collaboration with a member. For further information, please contact the Coordinating Center.

If you are a BETRNet member or participating collaborator with login credentials for the PR-VB, you may login here.